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4 Ways to Make $100 In a Week

If you want to make $100 in a week, you might want to rob someone, but getting money legally is wiser. These are jobs an average middle schooler can do in their own neighborhood.

Yard Work: According to, you can make $25 per ⅛ of an acre to mow the lawn. You can pull weeds and make over $20, depending on the size of the yard. Depending on how many yards you mow or weed, that can add up to $100 a week. Isaac Blevins in 8th grade said he makes $20 for mowing the lawn. 

                   Yard Work      1/8th of an Acre  

Plant Work: Putting in plants can be a good way to make some extra cash. said that a fair amount of money for planting flowers is $20. This job won’t give you as much money as mowing the lawn, but it is a good way to earn extra money. Watering plants is another job you can do if you can't mow lawns or pull weeds.  The going rate for watering plants is about $5. Combined together, these two jobs can add up to at least $25, depending on how much you do.

Plant Work

Babysitting/Pet Sitting: You can babysit children or pets for $17/hour according to If you're lucky, “Depending on the person, you can make up to $80/hour” Sadie A. said. $80 an hour is very rare. If you keep babysitting you might find a person who pays a fair price, maybe even $80 an hour.

Baby Sitting/ Pet Sitting

Washing Cars: Washing cars is another way to make money.  According to, you can earn up to $15. 7 cars including tips, can total $100 or more. It may take a couple of hours or more than a day, but it’ll all be worth it when your hard work pays off.  7th-grader, Jax W., says that working hard for money is worth it. 

Car Washing

 Working hard for money gives you money and self-confidence when you finish your task. Working hard for money teaches independence and prepares you for the real world.

By: Brooks W. & Matthew M.