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Buddies with Abilities

Buddies with Abilities Since day one, we are taught that we are all different, meaning no one is the same. We are all born with many amazing talents and abilities. Kids all around the world suffer from many different disabilities, yet these kids don't have disabilities at all. They’re kids that have abilities. We should be very kind around these amazing people because many of them look up to us, therefore, we need to set a good example on how to act. We can always help these kids with abilities in different ways. 

Making them smile could make their day. There are always good times to include anybody. If you see anyone alone you can make an impact on them by asking them to come to play with you. Help is most needed at school and in homes. Parents struggle every day trying to keep their kids safe and happy. If you provide a friendly relationship, they can come home and have a positive attitude. 

This can affect many people such as adults, kids, teachers, and these kids with abilities. This affects them by showing that just being kind can make someone’s day just by making them smile. We should be consistent with these kids because it helps them pick things up faster and helps them understand it. In conclusion, reach one of our friends with abilities. 

Jax W. and Stella G. Editor MaryAnne B.