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Study Tips

Study Tips

Ahh, studying. Something that almost every student will try to avoid. Some students may even do other productive things around the house to keep from doing homework. Others may just get on TikTok. For the people out there that are always putting off studying because they don’t feel like committing time. You’re doing it all wrong. Alayla Baldry said, “ I study for about 2 hours. I study for 30 minutes then take a 30-minute break.” She is studying way too long. Connor Soper said, “ I study for about 15 minutes then take a 5-minute break.” The way Mr. Soper studies is almost the perfect amount of time. There is a method for you called the Pomodoro method. Basically, it is studying in 20-minute increments for 2-3 sets. A set would be 20 minutes with a 5-10 minute break in between. You’re welcome.

Research suggests that writing things down in color increases the likelihood that you will remember the information. Red and blue ink improve brain function and stimulate the brain. Using colors to highlight main ideas engraves information into the brain in a creative way. Different colors have different purposes, and they influence learning differently. The color ‘green’ improves efficiency and focus. ‘Orange’ promotes comfort and improves neural functioning. As you know, blue is great for promoting high levels of thought. 

Playing classical music in the background while studying can also really help. It’s not guaranteed that the music will help you, but studies show that classical music raises dopamine levels, which in turn improves your mood. A better mood makes you more receptive to information. But don’t get hooked on the word, music. Music with words and rhythm will distract you from work and decrease work efficiency. There is another study that showed that students that were in an environment with classical music for an hour retained more than the students without classical music. If you happen to study late classical music is a good sleep aid as well.

Mysha G. and Desi W.