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The Last Basketball Game

Last Basketball Game Feet thud on the ground, in perfect timing with the movement of the ball. Sneakers squeak as the player jumps into the air. The ball flies up into the air, curving into a graceful arc before swishing through the basket. The Booth team has scored yet another point. An uproar of cheers, whistles, and claps rise from the bleachers, encouraging the players. The support from the audience at the game against Flat Rock was enthusiastic, but not nearly enough. If Booth wants to win the “Battle in the Bubble” against Rising Star Middle School this Tuesday, February 25, the stands have to be packed. 

Research has shown that teams are more likely to win if they are playing as the home team, which may have more to do with the size of the crowd cheering them on than with the familiar playing field. According to, “In order to isolate the crowd effect from other potential factors, the academics from Texas A&M International University and Western Illinois University focused on two basketball teams who use the same stadium as their home ground.” The teams used the Los Angeles Clippers and the Los Angeles Lakers to conduct their experiment, to test if the size of the crowd influenced the wins of the team. 

The website also reports, “The results suggest that 'essentially the entire home advantage between the two teams is attributable to the crowd effect', the researchers wrote in the Journal of Sports Economics...crowd effects are sizable in motivating a home team win.” A home team is more likely to win a game since the crowd will most likely be bigger. In the game against Rising Star, Booth is the host, and our teams need all the support they can possibly get so that a win can be achieved. 

“The games are very fun. It’s very cheap to go, and it’s just a lot of fun with the student section,” 7th grader Liam B. stated. To attend a game, the cost is small, as it is only 5 Booth Bucks or $2.00, and you get to spend time with all of your friends and peers outside of school. 

Another student who attended the game against Flat Rock Middle, 7th grader Vince L., stated, “I like coming out to support my friends.” To ensure a win against our upcoming rival Rising Star, as many people as possible need to come to the game to do exactly what this one student has done: Encouraged their friends and peers by cheering for them from the bleachers. 

Not only students can come to the games, but teachers can, too. One example of a supportive teacher is Mr. Rice, a 7th grade Social Studies teacher and current Teacher of the Year. “I’ve got some students that are playing, so them. I’m just here to, you know, make this place as positive as it can be...and be the best teacher I can be,” he said. 

“It’s fun and very competitive. I enjoy playing it with my friends,” girls basketball player Camrin S. said. If you want in on the fun, do your part and come to the game at the Booth gym. Both the girls and boys teams will be playing, starting at 5:00 pm and ending at 7:30 pm. You don’t even need to stay that entire time since you can leave or come whenever you want. 

To win against Rising Star we need everyone’s support, which includes you. Come join your friends to secure a win and encourage fellow Warriors. 

To learn more about the science of helping your team to win a game while you’re sitting in the bleachers, go to the Warrior Times online newsletter and click on Last Basketball Game

By: Sophie T.