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Changes at the Grove

Oak Grove is undergoing substantial renovation over the next few years. A new gym. A stage. New entrance.  Details are below, and you can follow our progress on FaceBook, InstaGram, and Twitter, @oakgrovebraves.

Renovation at OGES!

All plans are subject to change

Stage 1:  The Flip-Flop

Oak Grove’s front entrance will be moved to what used to be the rear entrance.  

First, the parking lot needs to be re-shaped, and that construction is taking place this summer.  The new parking lot should be completed August 2019.

Renovation Parking Lot

Stage 2:  the New Gym

Almost doubling the size of our current gym, the new free-standing gym will be parallel to the 5th grade hall.  For security, a hall will be extended from what is currently the rear of the gym (the ASP entrance) to the new gym.

Construction on the new gym will take place after grading of the new parking lot.  This project will take close to a year to complete!

Expected completion: Summer 2020


Renovation Gym


Stage 3: New Entrance and Administrative Suite

With the Flip-Flop, the new entrance will be at the rear of the school (now to be the new front of the school) and an administrative suite with more secure entrance is being constructed.  

  • Extended canopy for car/golf cart pick-up
  • Fenced-in space from cafeteria for outdoor dining
  • New reception entrance with secure vestibule

Renovation Office Suite

Stage 4:  Lights, Camera, Action

Beginning Summer 2020

A stage for Oak Grove!!

The old gymnasium will be split.  Half of the old gym will be the hallway to the new gym plus the Performing Arts / Chorus classroom.  The other half of the old gym will be a stage - the width of the cafeteria - that opens into the cafeteria!  Seating for performances will be on the convertible lunch tables.

And, we will finally have a stage for all our epic performances!

Renovation Stage

Also, as part of the renovation, hanging ceiling tiles, floor tiles, and carpet will be replaced throughout the building.  The entire interior will be repainted!

Renovated Oak Grove Elementary School

Renovation Final