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Running Club Schedule

We are excited to resume Running Club this year!  Here are some details:

  • Running Club "runs" Oct 29th.  
    • K & 1st ~ Mondays   
    • 2nd ~ Tuesdays 
    • 3rd ~ Wednesdays 
    • 4th~ Thursdays
    • 5th~ Fridays
  • Students will come straight to the gym to drop off their bookbag once they enter the building (students must enter the main doors and walk the hallway down to the gym. They are not allowed to use the gym doors to get to running club).
  • Students will be directed on what doors to use to get to the track.
  • We will dismiss the students that need breakfast at 7:25.
  • We will dismiss the rest of the students at 7:30 to go to class.
We will have signs to direct students on which way to get to the gym.
Coaches King & Turk