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Volunteer Opportunities

Dear Parents,


I am writing to inform you of volunteer opportunities at Peachtree City Elementary School.  After over a year of not having parents/visitors in the building, we have a lot to rebuild.  Some of you may be nervous as you have never done one of the jobs below before- please keep in mind, no one has for almost 2 years.  We will provide support for you.  One question I get is "Can a younger sibling come in with me?"  Unfortunately we have to restrict siblings from coming in volunteer positions.  


1.  Classroom volunteers- there will be a sign up in your child's homeroom teacher at Meet the Teacher.  Teachers vary in what they need so sign-ups are individualized by teacher.


2.  Ice Cream Sales- selling ice cream to students from 11:10- 12:30 PM.  


3.  Cafeteria Volunteer- helping kids pick a milk, get napkins, utensils, etc from 10:55- 12:14.


4.  PTO- we have various projects where we need your help.  There will be a table set up at Meet the Teacher with a sign up.


5.  WatchDOGS- this is a program that brings dads into the building to help in classrooms and with school projects.  We will need a dad to be the coordinator as this is a program for dads, run by dads.  We will get you started.  This program will not operate unless we get volunteer dads to chair/organize.  


6.  I have 2 school council seats up for election.  More will be sent out the first week of school.  This team meets 4 times per year and helps govern our school.  


If you are interested in volunteering or chairing Ice Cream sales, cafeteria helper or WatchDOG committee, please email me.  Please let me know if you are willing to be a chair and help with scheduling or be a volunteer willing to help and the days you are available.  My new email is


If you are wanting to be a classroom or PTO volunteer- sign ups will be at Meet the Teacher on July 29.


School council will seek names during the first week of school. 


Kristin Berryman