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Car Rider & Golf Cart Rider CHANGES

Car and Golf Cart Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures


To avoid yearlong traffic problems, we encourage you to allow your child to ride the bus. A Bus Safety program will be conducted annually. If it is impossible for your child to ride the bus, we ask that you follow these important guidelines for bringing and/or picking up your child using a car or golf cart:


  1. Drop off time is 7:15 A.M. or later.  There is no adult supervision before 7:15 A.M.
  2. Supervision is provided at the main entrance; therefore, all students should be dropped off at this entrance.  Never drop off students in the bus loop area due to the traffic of arriving buses.  In addition, after the last bus unloads, there is no adult supervision in that area
  3. For the safety of arriving students, you are requested to wait in a single line until you drop off your child at the curb. Students should remain in the car until the bell rings.  Drop off does not begin until after the 7:15 A.M. bell. 
  4. UPDATED: Parents who drive golf carts to school will need to join in the car rider line at the golf cart crossing located on Panther Path at the top of the hill. Car riders and golf cart riders will enter the school parking lot using the same route. Due to COVID-19 guidelines, the golf cart corral will be closed until further notice. No golf carts should be parked in the corral and the  grass areas on campus. All golf carts must use the car rider line to drop off and pick up their child(ren).
  5. Do not double-park in the drop off line or park anywhere that requires your child to cross in front of other lanes of traffic.  Students will not be allowed to cross traffic lanes to come into the school.  If you would like to walk your child across the crosswalk to the front entrance, please park your car/golf cart in a parking space and escort your child across the crosswalk. Due to COVID-19 guidelines, parents are unable to accompany their children into the building. 
  6. Parents who are dropping off after the 7:40am tardy bell must park their cars/golf carts in a parking space and accompany their children to the building to check the student in late. 
  7. UPDATED: Each household will be issued a car/golf cart rider number for their family. When picking up your child(ren) from the car/golf cart dismissal line, please have your family number/name card with you.  (Cars/Golf Carts should place the number/name card in the front window of the vehicle.) The number/name card will be given to each family and is to provide proper identification to help ensure our students’ safety.  If you do not have your number/name card, you will be asked to provide a picture ID for proper identification. 
  8. For the safety of our departing children, you are requested to wait in a single line until you pick up your child at the front curb.  Students will not be allowed to cross traffic to meet parents in the parking lot. 
  9. Due to COVID-19 guidelines, parents are not permitted to walk up to the dismissal area to retrieve their child(ren).  Parents must remain in the vehicle at all times. 
  10. School dismissal begins at 2:15pm. Any student not picked up by 2:45 pm will be placed in our Afterschool Program. Emergency drop-in fees will incur. Please make every effort to pick up your child on time. 
  11. Many students are allergic to or afraid of certain animals. Also, animals can be easily startled by children.  Please leave pets at home or inside your vehicle when dropping off or picking up your children.

Please note the middle school and high school traffic may cause congestion, slowing the car line.  You may find the line much easier to navigate early in the arrival timeframe between 7:15 and 7:30 AM. Keep in mind that the tardy bell rings at 7:40 AM