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5th Grade Graduation Information

We are in the process of planning our 5th grade graduation for our 5th grade students on Friday, May 28th. Due to COVID-19, we will need to follow our district guidelines to hold a modified "in person" celebration. We will continue to share more detailed information with 5th grade parents in the near future. For now, please save the date for the "in person" modified graduation ceremony. Each child will receive 2 tickets for outside parents/guests to attend the ceremony.


The schedule will be as follows:


Mrs. Perrotta's Class


Guest Arrival Time: 7:55am
Graduation Start Time: 8:00am
Graduation End Time: 8:25am

Dr. Smith's Class


Guest Arrival Time: 8:25am
Graduation Start Time: 8:30am
Graduation End Time: 8:55am

Mrs. Barron's Class


Guest Arrival Time: 9:00am
Graduation Start Time: 9:05am
Graduation End Time: 9:30am

Dr. Brown's Class


Guest Arrival Time: 9:35am
Graduation Start Time: 9:40am
Graduation End Time: 10:05am

Mrs. Wright's Class


Guest Arrival Time: 10:10am
Graduation Start Time: 10:15am
Graduation End Time: 10:40am

The 5th grade "Final Walk" will take place on Friday, May 28th, at approximately 10:45am. Parents and outside guests are invited to participate in the Bus Loop area outside the school. Students will walk through the Bus Loop during their final walk. We hope you can attend!