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Car Rider Reminders

Car Rider Reminders

Below are our Car Rider procedures designed to keep our children safe! It is imperative that everyone follow our procedures if you choose to bring your child to school by car.

  • Before school drop off must be dropped off at the front of the school after passing through the parking lot loop. No students should be dropped off in the back faculty parking lot or on the bus loop. The back entrance of the school is for buses only. We do not have staff members on duty to supervise students entering the building. Additionally, the side entrances of the school are locked, and we have had some students not be able to get into the building. This is a great concern for student safety. If you choose to drive your child to school, you must use the front entrance of the school to drop off your child(ren).

  • We begin formal supervision of students at 7:15am. Students should remain in their cars until the school bell rings.

  • School starts at 7:40am. That means that students must be in their seats in their homeroom class at that time. It does take time for students to exit the car and walk to their classrooms. Students who are not physically in their homeroom at the tardy bell, 7:40am, will be marked tardy. 

  • During drop-off, all students must be dropped off in the car rider line. Under no circumstances should children be dropped off in the parking lot and left to cross the cross walk and moving vehicles by themselves. Parents are welcome to walk their children in to school. Please park your car in a valid parking space and escort your child into the school.

  • Always pull as far forward as you can before unloading students. The loading area includes any part of the sidewalk all the way to the golf cart landing pad. Please do not stop at the breezeway to unload your child. Every car length that is left empty is one less car that can fit on the sidewalk, resulting in delays to those people behind you in line. 

  • Your patience and understanding to our staff members on duty is greatly appreciated! Our number one goal is to keep all students safe!