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Student Material Pick-Up

 K-5 Student Material Pickup Video                           Pre-K Student Material Pickup Video



Student Materials Pickup Plan 19-20

What:  Drive through pickup of student materials

When:  9 - 12 May 26th and May 27th

Where:  Front parking lot (Bus Loop for PreK)


  • Grade levels will each have 1 hour slots (schedule below) and be provided allocated dispensing positions in the front lot.
  • Staff will be stationed in distribution locations across the parking lot and traffic directors located behind each distribution station.  Each station will be marked by cones to ensure more than adequate social distancing.
    • Distribution stations will be located in the center parking section, separated by four to six parking spots.
  • Parents will enter the front parking lot with their transportation card visible (if possible) and greeted by our caller.  The caller will communicate with class traffic directors.  Parents will park in designated sections and remain in the car.  Volunteers will hand materials to the occupants of the vehicle.  Wave, smile, direct contact.
  • Any parent with medicines in the clinic:
    • You will be able to pick up medicines from the nurse in the bus loop.  The pickup will be a drive through process during your allotted day and time slot as well.  
  • NOTE:  Any families moving from FCBOE, materials needing to be returned to school can be placed in collection bins at each distribution station.

May 26th


May 27th




PreK and K