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ESOL Parent Night celebrates all Knights

The Knights got a taste of what makes their classmates unique. Kedron Elementary’s ESOL Parent Night celebrates the many cultures that make the school such a wonderful and welcoming place.

Headed up by Kedron ESOL teachers Susan Gillard and Roxana Jones, the evening is designed to provide the families of ESOL students with a time to get to know each other and share a meal together. Each family brought a dish from their country for a buffet-style dinner for students, parents, and staff. Kedron has 31 countries represented at the school, so the food was from all over the world.

After the meal, there was an informational session for the parents on the new technologies that Kedron has this year, ParentSquare and Pick Up Patrol. Teachers volunteered to provide childcare so parents could attend the presentations. There was also a Spanish, Korean, and Japanese interpreter available to help. 

“Our goal is for the parents to have time to fellowship with one another and make connections with other families from their country and other countries from around the world,” said Gillard. “ESOL Parent night is also a time to shine the spotlight on the diversity at Kedron.”


Posted 9/5/2023