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Inman animals bring volume studies to life

Wildlife helped bring key math and science concepts to life. Inman Elementary 5th graders studied volume by creating their own animals and calculating the volume.

Students worked in groups to pick out boxes to construct an animal of their choice. After picking the boxes, they had to determine the volume of each "body part,” then the total volume of their animal.

After all the math, they gave their animal a body covering by wrapping the boxes, then added more details to finish their animal. Lastly, they created a nameplate to identify the scientific characteristics and classification of their creation.

Combining the math and science instructional blocks, the cumulative project applied their knowledge of volume and animal classification.

“I hope that the students enjoyed using their imagination and creativity to compose an animal while incorporating math and science content,” said teacher Laura Crews. “I think I even created a few wrapping holiday helpers.”


Posted 9/15/2023