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Work-based Learning Student Gets Unique Opportunity

Fayette County's new Chamber of Commerce president, Colin Martin, has begun his "100 Members in 100 Days" initiative. Mr. Martin's goal is to visit 100 businesses in 100 days and get to know each business and its people. On November 28, Mr. Martin visited Country Fried Creative in Peachtree City, where one of Sandy Creek's students, Darien Smith, does his work-based learning. Darien explained that he and his colleagues chatted with Mr. Martin and got to hear about some of his plans for Fayette County members. Darien says, "Overall, it was a fun and insightful experience. Hopefully, sharing this with the school will encourage any underclassmen considering entering the Work-Based Learning Program to give it a try because cool things like this can happen to them, too! Darien is pictured below on the far right. We are proud of Darien and the work he is doing. 

Darien Smith at Country Fried Creative