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Work-based Learning Offers Many Exciting Opportunities

Work-based Learning Offers Many Exciting Opportunities 
Article by Darien Smith, Sandy Creek student 

Darien Smith works as a web design assistant at Country Fried Creative in Peachtree City. He and his colleagues will be featured in the "Beatuy & Style" section of Fayette Woman.

 The picture below is a magazine spread for Fayette Woman magazine that will be released in February. This was an amazing opportunity, and I had a lot of fun trying on the different clothes, taking pictures, and laughing with the people on the set! It was an overall exciting experience, and I’m very grateful! This unique opportunity was allotted to me by my company, Country Fried Creative, where I was placed by the Work-based Learning coordinators! Hopefully, this will motivate other SCHS students to give Work-Based Learning a try because cool things like this can happen to them, too!

Darien Smith at Work