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SCHS Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Ms. Gallman's students will help us explore five cultures that are represented in our SCHS community.

Honduras is in Central America. The country's most popular sport is soccer. Hondurans enjoy their music and dances, which include Salsa & Cumbia.


Puerto Rico is located in the northeast Carribean Sea, which makes it an unincorporated territory in the United States. Music is a huge part of the culture, as well as unique dances including the Bomba, the Merengue, and the Cha-Cha.

Puerto Rico

Venezuela’s population is comprised of Venezuelan natives, Spanish, Africans, Italians, Portuguese, Arabs, Moroccan Jews, and other ethnicities. Venezuela has a rich heritage of music and dance. The joropo dance is the national dance of the country.


Food & drink are national obsessions in Spain, and with good reason. The touchstones of Spanish cooking are deceptively simple. Unique guitar music & flamenco dance are among the rich traditions there.


The Dominican Republic has the ninth largest economy in Latin America. The Dominican Republic is a Carribean nation that shares its island with Haiti. “Merengue” is the name given to the Dominican Republic’s music and dance.

Dominican Republic