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Summer Office Hours 
Tuesday & Wednesday 8-4:30 Closed 12-1 for Lunch
Contact Information
Richard R. Smith, Principal - 770-969-2840 x 500
Allyson Merrill, Principal's Secretary  770-969-2840 x 500
Rechelle Cammllarie, Bookkeeper 770969-2840 x237
Summer Enrollment Procedures

1. Complete registration at the Enrollment Center:

YOU MUST REGISTER ONLINE WITH THE FAYETTE COUNTY ENROLLMENT CENTER prior to registering for courses at Sandy Creek High School. If you have not yet registered, go to this website:  

2.  Complete the Sandy Creek High School New Student Registration:

After enrolling with the Fayette County Enrollment and Records Center, please COMPLETE THIS FORM. Counselors will be checking in periodically throughout the summer and will be in contact with you to discuss developing a schedule at Sandy Creek High School for the 2020-2021 school year.  

Certificate of Enrollment for DMV
Email Allyson Merrill or Rechelle Cammllarie with student's school email address and name.