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Fayette County Public Schools School Nutrition Program is excited to offer meals to students during virtual learning.

Parents, please let us know if you are planning to receive meals for your student(s) during virtual learning days by filling out THIS FORM for your Sandy Creek student(s).  A list of forms for all the county schools can be found here.

These meals will be provided to students at the student's eligibility of free, reduced, or paid based on your 2020-2021 Free & Reduced Lunch Application.

If you have not completed this year's Free & Reduced Lunch Application, you can find the form here.

Hybrid Schedule A students will receive meals for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, which will include
(3 Breakfasts & 3 Lunches) or the option of (3 Lunches only) on Tuesday prior to dismissal.

Hybrid Schedule B students will receive meals for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, which will include
(3 Breakfast & 3 Lunches) or the option of (3 Lunches only) on Fridays prior to dismissal.

Full-time virtual students will be able to pick up (5 Breakfast & 5 Lunches) or the option of (5 Lunches only) from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM every Wednesday at their home school.

The cost of these meals are as follows:

Breakfast Meal Cost:
Paid - $1.60 (All Grade Levels)
Reduced - .30 (All Grade Levels)
Free- No Cost

Lunch Meal Cost:
Paid - $2.75 (Elementary)
Paid - $2.90 (Middle & High)
Reduced - .40 ( All Grade Levels)
Free - No Cost

For a full description of the School Nutrition's meal service reopening plan, read more here.

You can add money to your student's account by visiting your

You must register for these services on a weekly basis by 8 am Friday to receive meals for the upcoming week.