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Patriot Choirs Earn Superior Ratings at District Performance Evaluation

SCHS Chorus students participated in the District 6 Chorus Large Group Performance Evaluation on March 7 & 9. The Treble Choir, Patriot Singers, and the Advanced Women's Chorus ALL earned STRAIGHT superior performance and sight-reading ratings, the highest that can be earned. Here are some of the things the judges had to say:

Treble Choir

Lovely, perfectly placed, resonant tone. So warm and rich! Amazing - the energy internal to phrases, driven by strong syllables~>strong words~>overall arc was masterfully done. This is the best speech inflection I've heard since the event started yesterday. Absolutely well done.

Patriot Singers

Just beautiful! It was GORGEOUS! You sounded and looked SUPERIOR! The accuracy and execution of both selections demonstrated an exemplary understanding of the music score. You all know your teacher is truly a master teacher, but I have to add that her job is 100x easier with students like you. Well Done!

Adv Women (This ensemble received a standing ovation from the audience and their adjudicators)

This was a superior demonstration of musical mastery. Bravo!!! Every word, every consonant, every stressed syllable, perfectly planned. So incredible! Loss for words! Wow! Amazing! This is the model of how all choirs should sing!