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Chromebook Support Plan

A message from our CTO Mr. Jim Farmer:

I would like to share our plan for Chromebook repair and replacement during the school closures. Our goal is to make sure 2nd - 12th grade students have access to their learning resources with a Chromebook throughout this period.

Highlights of the plan:

  • Program begins March 19 and will continue until further notice (Check link below for updates)
  • Drop off will take place from 10-2, Mon. - Fri. at the LEC (VoTech parking lot)
  • Chromebooks will be diagnosed and repaired if possible or a replacement will be provided
  • Damaged or missing chargers will not be replaced - this is the responsibility of the student/parent to be purchased (We will be able to provide that information, but we will not be providing chargers)

Please find a 1 page PDF below for instructions for parents. We will have a limited staff to avoid having more than 10 people congregating as well as cleaning supplies to wipe down all devices. 

We will have Lexicon keep the repaired devices for now. Once schools reopen we will work with them to get the student's device to them at school. 

Directions to LEC, Program Updates, and Dropoff Info for Parents

Concerning Chargers: 
We have had a few questions about chargers and insurance.  
The charger is not covered by insurance. The insurance policy is for damaged or stolen chromebooks. If the charger is lost or damaged it will be treated like any other school device or property (ie. textbook). The student/parent will be responsible for replacement. Here are the links to Dell's page where chargers can be ordered: 
1. Dell Chromebook 11 3100 (USB - C charger) - 2nd grade only 2019-2020
2. Dell Chromebook 11 3189 (Barrel charger) - 3rd - 5th grades