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Milestones Information


Starr's Mill EOC/Milestone Testing will occur April 25, 26, 29, 30, and May 1.  We will be running a modified bell schedule during that time.  Our bell schedule for each day is attached.  

Testing will occur for the following classes:  
April 25/26 - AM - 9th Grade Literature/American Literature (Part 1 on Day 1, Part 2 and 3 on Day 2)  
April 25/26 - PM - Geometry (Part 1 on Day 1, Part 2 on Day 2)  
April 29 - AM - US History/Economics  
April 29 - PM  - Algebra I (Part 1)  
April 30 - AM - Algebra I (Part 2)  
May 1 - AM  - Physical Science/Biology

For students that Opt Out, have Dual Enrollment Classes, or attend the COI, please read carefully below regarding the procedures you need to follow on testing days.   

1st Period Opt Out Students: 
Students that have an EOC/Milestone, but Opt Out first period should be on-campus for their EOC/Milestone during their testing block and take their exam during their scheduled time. Students that opt out first period and do not have an EOC/Milestone, should follow the school schedule for the day.

7th period Opt Out Students:   
EOC/Milestone Testing should be complete each day by 7th period, but student schedules may be adjusted during testing.  Students will follow the school schedule and can leave campus when released for 7th period unless they are in an active testing environment. 

Dual Enrollment Students:  
Students that have a dual enrollment class that meets DURING their EOC/Milestone, should contact Mrs. Meeks by Wednesday, April 17th, to arrange a make up time for testing.  If students are enrolled in a dual enrollment class does NOT meet during testing and the student has an EOC/Milestone, students are expected to be on-campus and take that test during their scheduled testing time.

COI Students:   
Teachers at the COI follow the FCBOE testing calendar.  Therefore, COI students will not have classes during EOC/Milestone testing.  Students should be at their home schools according to their set school schedule during testing.  Milestones Schedule