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2019 GMEA All-State Chorus

Congratulations to the following 8 students who have been selected for the 2019 GMEA All-State Chorus  Approximately only 1300 high school students from the state make All State Chorus each year so this is a MAJOR accomplishment. Please be sure to congratulate them for a job well done. Additionally, a special congratulations to Grace Mallon for being a 6 year All State student.  Making ASC is a major accomplishment by itself, but making it every year since 7th grade is a tremendous accomplishment that only the best of the best can achieve.  Haley Kendrick and Truitt Van Meter are not too far behind her either.  Haley has made it five years (8th - 12th grade) and Truitt has made it 4 years (9th - 12th grade).   It sure is great to be a Wildcat!! 
2019 WHS GMEA All State Chorus Students
Grace Mallon -12th grade
Haley Kendrick - 12th grade
Truitt Van Meter - 12th grade
Lily Gable - 12th grade
Macie Mowell - 10th grade
Kayla Jordan - 10th grade
Ellie Kalafut - 9th grade
Will Ivey - 9th grade