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** Sports physicals **

Need a sports physical? Read this first!

Any student at a Fayette County school is required to have a current physical on file in order to participate. The doctor's office may provide for you the three (or four) required physician's forms, as listed below:

  • History Form - to be filled out by the parent/guardian and student
  • The Athlete with Special Needs: Supplemental History Form
  • Physical Examination Form and Clearance Form - to be filled out by your physician

However, the physician's office will not have the additional forms required by FCBOE:

  • The following Fayette County School System Athletic and Extracurricular Participation forms:
    • Parental Consent for Athletic/Extracurricular Participation
    • Permission to Participate in School-Sponsored Trips
    • Code of Conduct Contract
  • GHSA Student/Parent Concussion Awareness Form
  • GHSA Student/Parent Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Form

When completing the packet, please take a close look at all areas; there are many places where both the student athlete and the parent/guardian are required to sign. Physicals are valid for one year from the date of the doctor's visit. 

Click here for all of the sports physical forms you will need.