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School System Goes Green in Observance of Homelessness Awareness Month

Green ribbons will be sported by Fayette County School System employees throughout November in recognition of Georgia Homelessness Awareness Month.School System Goes Green in Observance of Homelessness Awareness Month

For more than a decade, the school system has provided services to students under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act. These services provide support to homeless children and youth that enable them to enroll, attend and succeed in school.

Despite economic recovery throughout the nation, many families continue to experience a loss of housing, employment, or medical trauma that result in high mobility and instability for children. Some of Fayette’s students experience unstable living arrangements that include residing in shared housing, shelters, hotels/motels, or substandard living situations.

All employees have been encouraged to wear green ribbons during November to symbolize the support the school system provides to minimize the effects of high mobility for homeless students.

“The student services department thanks all of our employees for their efforts throughout the year that focus on sharing information about issues involving homeless children and youth. We appreciate everyone’s support of the ongoing initiatives that address the needs of homeless children and youth,” says Audrey Toney, director of the school system’s student services department.