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Education Foundation Gives Over $3,700 to New Teachers

The Fayette County Education Foundation wants to help teachers new to the school system with any last minute supplies or materials for their classrooms, so each received a $25 gift card to offset the cost.Education Foundation Gives Over $3,700 to New Teachers

On the last day of New Teacher Induction, members of the Foundation gave $25 Amazon gift cards to approximately 150 teachers. The teachers can use the cards to help finish out their classrooms with any supplies or items they need.

As they use their Amazon gift cards, they were encouraged to make their purchases through It is the same Amazon site, but here customers can have a portion of their purchase donated to the charity of their choice, in this case, the Fayette County Education Foundation. The service is free and does not add to the cost of purchases.

This marks the third year the Fayette County Education Foundation has given gift cards to new teachers to help offset the purchase of classroom materials. To date, the Foundation has given nearly $13,000 to teachers new to the school system.

The teachers were invited to receive more money by applying for a Fayette County Education Foundation grant to fund innovative and unique classroom projects or programs that will enhance the curriculum. Grants are for $500 and are competitive. The Foundation awarded over $11,100 to teachers in 2018-2019.

Included with the gift card was an opportunity to participate in the 14th annual employee giving campaign where employees can make a monthly donation to the Foundation through payroll deduction. Several teachers immediately signed up to become members of the “Buck a Month” club by agreeing to have $1 deducted from their monthly paychecks.

The Fayette County Education Foundation is a non-profit organization that solely supports the Fayette County Public School System. The Foundation’s all volunteer board meets monthly at the Fayette County Board of Education. Because members are volunteers and there are no overhead costs, 100 percent of all donations go directly to classroom teachers. The Foundation has awarded over $180,950 in teacher grants since 2002.