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A Macy’s Thanksgiving Day and Starr’s Mill High Tradition Continues

Cameras, lights, march! Nine Starr’s Mill High band members will take their places in the national spotlight as millions of people around the world watch them parade down the streets of New York City on Thanksgiving day as they perform in the Macy’s Great American Marching BandA Macy’s Thanksgiving Day and Starr’s Mill High Tradition Continues

Jaskaran Chawla (baritone), Claudia Williams (clarinet), Kennedy Blanks (clarinet), Mary Faught (flute), Natalie Robichaux (clarinet), Nicole DiVinitz (color guard), Kyle Robinson (bass drum), Kevin Allen (saxophone), and Camryn Kiener (mellophone) are among the top 185 musicians and approximately 40 flag and dance performers in the nation selected as members of the band that will entertain audiences in this year’s 93rd annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on November 28.

This marks the seventh straight year that Starr’s Mill students have been invited to join the Macy’s Great American Marching Band. This year, the school has a record breaking number of nine participants, most who are returning for a second or third time. For Jaskaran Chawla, Claudia Williams, Kennedy Blanks, Mary Faught, Nicole DiVinitz, Kyle Robinson, and Camryn Kiener, this will be their second consecutive year selected to perform, and for Kevin Allen, this will be his third consecutive time marching in the band.

The parade will start at New York City’s Central Park, and end at Macy’s Herald Square where the band will perform for celebrity hosts, a grandstand audience, and more than 50 million television viewers watching the broadcast live on NBC. Approximately three million spectators are expected to line the parade route.