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School System Makes Plans to Bring “Brick and Mortar” Students Back for Full-Time Face-to-Face Instruction

As the number of COVID-19 (coronavirus) cases in Fayette County continue to decrease, and the number of cases in the county’s public schools are declining as well, the Fayette County Public School System’s COVID-19 task force, working in conjunction with the Georgia Department of Public Health, has developed a plan to bring “brick and mortar” students back to their schools five days a week.  

Students will gradually return by grade level for face-to-face instruction for four days a week until the hybrid model is completely phased out on October 26. Wednesdays will continue to be used as a “flex” day for sanitation, teacher planning and virtual support until students are back to a five-day per week schedule.

Pre-kindergarten through second grade will continue their five-day a week schedule during the phase-in for other grades. Full time virtual students will continue their classes as normal.

The task force will review COVID-19 case data for the community and schools roughly every two weeks with the first review happening Friday, September 18, and will make an announcement about the first grade-level phase-in. Subsequent reviews and grade-level phase-in announcements will be made October 2 and October 12. It is important to note that if cases start to trend upward as the phase-in begins, the process will be paused until deemed safe for it to restart.

The four-day a week face-to-face instruction schedule per grade level is as follows:

September 28 – October 23 third and sixth graders
(announcement made September 18)

October 12 – October 23 fourth and seventh graders
(announcement made October 2)

October 19 – October 23 fifth and eighth graders, and ninth through 12 graders
(announcement made October 12)

By Monday, October 26, all brick and mortar students (pre-kindergarten through 12th grade) will be on “green status” with face-to-face instruction taking place five days a week.
During the phase-in and while operating on green status, face coverings will still be required for both students and staff. Physical distancing protocols will continue to the extent possible, and handwashing and other sanitization practices will remain a priority.

The PSAT for ninth, 10th and 11th graders has been scheduled for October 29.

The school system’s COVID-19 task force, working in conjunction with the Georgia Department of Public Health, will continue to monitor the virus spread in the community and schools to determine if a shift in operational status is needed.