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Oak Grove Elementary Celebrates Newly Renovated School

Oak Grove Elementary was under construction for months and through budget cuts, rain, delivery slowdowns, and a pandemic, the faculty and staff went above and beyond to celebrate their newly renovated school. 
To help with traffic flow, the front entrance of Oak Grove became the back entrance, which created a renovated front office space for the faculty and staff as well as a new administrative suit.
Renovations include a new music room, gym, conference rooms, updated cafeteria, new student restrooms, and improved commons area for students to learn.
The entire school received new heating and air condition, lighting, ceiling tiles, and flooring.
Oak Grove’s staff and Parent Teacher Organization were in attendance as well as Fayette County Board of Education members Scott Hollowell (chairman), Roy Raybold (vice chairman), Dr. Barry Marchman, and Leonard Presberg along with former superintendent Dr. Joseph Barrow and new superintendent Dr. Jonathan Patterson. Assistant superintendents Dr. Julie Turner and Mike Sanders were also in attendance joined by facilities director Mike Satterfield, and chief technology officer Jim Farmer, and coordinator of safety and discipline Dr. Ted Lombard.
Special guests included former Oak Grove principals Kathy Corley and Bonnie Hancock, and Peachtree City councilman Phil Prebor.
Oak Grove’s leadership team guided guests through a tour of the newly renovated school.