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Generous Donors Payoff School Lunch Debt

The end of the 2020 school year was a tough one for students and their families, many struggled academically, emotionally and financially.

With some parents unable to work due to the COVID-19 shutdown, and others being furloughed or forced to take a pay reduction, students at schools across the school system were ending the school year with unpaid lunch balances.

Fayette County is a very generous community, and once word got out about the negative lunch balances, individuals, faith-based organizations and businesses started contacting the school system’s school nutrition department to offer their help to pay off the debt. Collectively, they donated over $2,020, and wiped out lunch debts across the school system.

Fayette County Public Schools thanks the following individuals, businesses and organizations for helping students and their families during an unprecedented time, and when they needed it the most: Grace Faith Community, Sonya Moon, Home Scan, Nabors Garage, Annie Can, Ken Can, and Tim Monihan.