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Fayette LIFE Academy Promotes New Brand to City of Fayetteville

The new Fayette LIFE Academy of Fayette County Public Schools is actively promoting its rebranding to become a program of choice for middle and high school students seeking a nontraditional path to earning a high school diploma.

LIFE stands for Limitless, Innovative, Flexible Education, and that is just what Fayette LIFE Academy offers through its umbrella of programs: Horizon Academy, for students who benefit from nontraditional, self-paced modes of learning and structured learning environments; Open Campus Academy, for students who prefer working independently, but want access to a certified teacher when needed; and Fayette Virtual Academy, for students who want to take classes virtually from home without traveling to campus.

To help the community gain an understanding of what is available to students, the Fayette LIFE Academy team has been busy reaching out to nearby businesses and organizations to invite them inside their doors to tour the academy, meet staff and students, and learn about its programs.

Among the first in the community to tour the school were Fayetteville City Mayor Edward Johnson and Fayetteville City Manager Ray Gibson. They met with Dr. Margo Wimbish, dean of students; Chris Key, assistant program administrator; Anna Singleton, instructional assistant; and John McLucas, virtual teacher.

As Dr. Wimbish talked about the rebranding of the academy, she pointed out that the mnemonic, LIFE, just doesn’t stand for words that describe the academy, it has deeper meaning. Not all students thrive in a traditional school setting. Those who don’t, often find themselves struggling and are likely to dropout. These students come to the academy to breath “life” back into their educational pursuits, setting themselves on a path toward a high school diploma and a “life” full of promise and success.

She gave an example of two students with a child. They needed a flexible schedule so that they could work to support themselves and their child while also earning their high school diplomas. Fayette LIFE Academy provided them that opportunity.

After a building tour and walk around the grounds, both parties brainstormed ideas about how they can mutually benefit each other. The mayor and city manager said they are looking forward to partnering with Fayette LIFE Academy to help with upcoming projects and initiatives.

In the weeks to come, Fayette LIFE Academy plans to invite more people to tour the building and learn about available programs.

Also, the academy has just opened a new meeting center, complete with the latest technology, and it is available for community use. The newly renovated LIFE Center seats 76 (38 seats available at six foot and 76 at three foot social distancing). Technology features include a Parthenon board linked to three 75-inch displays with a full sound system. Onsite technology support is available as needed. The space has a private restroom and kitchenette area, three breakout rooms, and access to an internal courtyard. Contact Chris Key at to reserve the space.