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REACH students reach out to Newnan

Students of the REACH program are reaching out to Newnan in their time of need. In March, a tornado ripped through Coweta County, leaving devastation in its wake and many families without homes or basic necessities.

REACH is doing their part to help out, packing up supplies to share like food, toiletries, and sanitizer. They also offered words of encouragement by including inspirational messages like “There is light and hope, stay strong,” “We care, stay strong,” and “You are in our thoughts” inside the kits. 

For the REACH students, it made them happy to help people in times of struggle. 

“It makes me happy that we are helping people that are in need that don’t have food or a toothbrush, water, or a home,” said Katie. 

“I feel happy to help my community with food and supplies,” said Will. 

“I like to help people in need,” said Jacquez. 

REACH (“Reaching Educational and Career Heights”) is a program for students with developmental disabilities ages 18-21 that helps them get into the workforce and become independent and productive citizens. 

County Coordinator of Assessment and Accountability Brian Butera also led a drive for monetary and school supply donations at the county offices, raising close to $700 for school supplies. They also received a donation of supplies from a local Boy Scout Troop with the help of Andy Smith in Exceptional Children’s Services.  

“It was my desire to help students and teachers who were affected not have to worry about school supplies to continue learning,” said Butera.