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Publix Donates Over $32,000 To Fayette County Public Schools

Shoppers who donated to the “Tools for Back-to-School” campaign at Publix Supermarket registers July 22-August 2 helped raise $32,700 for Fayette County Public Schools.

These funds will be distributed to school counselors at all 25 of Fayette’s public schools to purchase school supplies, fulfill food insecurities, and provide personal care items for students who are in need.

Local Publix Supermarket store managers Greg Switzer at Wilshire Pavilion and Ashlie Loomis at Peachtree East on Georgia Highway 54 made a special delivery to the school system on September 9 to present the funds in the form of Publix gift cards.

“We are very grateful to the generosity of the Fayette County community, and to Publix Supermarkets for offering their patrons the opportunity to support our students through the Tools for Back-to-School initiative. These gift cards will help our school counselors assist families who are struggling to provide the necessities that their children need for school success. We are deeply appreciative of Publix and their patrons for supporting our students and schools,” says Melinda Berry-Dreisbach, public information officer for Fayette County Public Schools.