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Dolphins dive into an Alphabet Adventure

Even without leaving the classroom, Pre-K students at North Fayette Elementary went on a big adventure. The young Dolphins took a virtual field trip to see a play, and the school got involved to make it a truly special experience. 

Theatre Young Harris, a theatre troupe from Young Harris College, presented Julia Flood’s play “The Great Alphabet Adventure,” and the lucky students got to enjoy the performance. Principal Dr. Lisa Moore and Assistant Principal Dr. Monica Reckley welcomed the students at the door and took their tickets, and they were encouraged to wear shirts with letters on them and got to enjoy alphabet cookies during the play.

“I hope they gained a little more insight to the importance of knowing letters and picked up on naming a few more as well,” said Pre-K teacher Clara Rogers. “During the play, since the actors couldn't hear us, we also discussed the words that the actors were using with the initial letter sound.”