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School system seeks community help with Purposity Holiday Angel Tree Program

Fayette County Public Schools wants your help supporting members of the community who need help the most. This year, they hope to again make wishes come true with their Purposity Holiday Angel Tree Program. 

The focus of the Purposity Holiday Angel Tree Program is providing items of clothing, coats, shoes, personal hygiene items, etc. School counselors and social workers use the Purposity app to enter the needs of students and then notify the community to help meet those needs. All the public has to do is download the Purposity app from the App Store or Google Play to their mobile phone and select to follow “Fayette County Public Schools.” Followers can then view stories about students in need and how they can help. 

Requested items are purchased directly through the app and shipped to the school system in just a few days and then distributed to students by their school counselors and social workers.

Purposity is an Atlanta-based nonprofit whose mission is to connect people in need with those who can help and accomplish this mission through an app that makes it easy for neighbors to help neighbors. 

School systems throughout Georgia and around the nation are using the Purposity app to help meet the needs of struggling students and their families who are having difficulty making ends meet due to a variety of issues such as illness, loss of income, change in family dynamics, or a catastrophe like a fire or weather-related damage.  

Since Purposity is a nonprofit, all items purchased through the app are tax deductible.

Thanks to all who have generously tried to donate toward our Purposity Angel Tree project already!  If you are having issues with accessing the app on your phone,  you can go to on a computer,  click on "Get Started" in the upper right,  and then follow Fayette County Public Schools in the organization list.  You can then select an item to donate to help make a needy student's holiday wishes come true. 

For additional app or Purposity questions,  feel free to contact directly for technical support.