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Outside-the-box lesson focuses on boxes

It’s always a good time for an outside-the-box lesson at Robert J. Burch Elementary, even if it means getting inside an actual box. Inspired by reading the book “Not a Box” by Antoinette Portis, students in the SPROUTS Pre-K class at Robert J. Burch Elementary gave new life to boxes. 

To celebrate Earth Day, the classes of Lori O’Bar and Charmaine Courtney, with the help of paraprofessionals Neshia Heckstall and Beth Harris, found all kinds of new uses for old boxes. Some students simply enjoyed sitting in the boxes like in the book they read, and others pretended to be in a race car or wore a smaller box on their head while talking like a robot. Still others gathered and lined up several boxes to make a train. 

“At Burch, we aim to raise up students that are curious, compassionate, capable, and creative,” said O’Bar. “This activity brought all those aspects together, and the students were fully engaged.”

The project celebrated caring for the earth in creative ways. 

“It was our hope that the students would think beyond the box and expand their imagination,” said O’Bar. “In addition, we encouraged the reusing of materials all week long -- with recycled art, trash texture collages, and using containers as instruments to help our earth.”


Posted 5/13/2022