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New Student Breakfast welcomes new Chiefs

Being the new kid in school can be tough, but the McIntosh High Student Ambassadors are eager to lend a helping hand. Their annual New Student Breakfast welcomes students new to the district to help them develop connections and find their way around the school.

The New Student Breakfast is open to all students new to Fayette County, no matter the grade level. The Student Ambassadors, along with counselors and club sponsors Lisa Love and Diana Le, plan out the event and ensure there are decorations and food donations. The ambassadors and school counselors, along with some administrators, are on hand to provide a warm reception, answer questions, and share invaluable insight into navigating high school life at MHS. 

“It is our hope that this provides the new students a chance to make connections, forge friendships, and feel a sense of belonging within our welcoming McIntosh High School community,” said Lisa Love. “This is an awesome experience for students to fuel up, meet new friends or even just a friendly face, and start their high school experience here on a positive note.”


Posted 9/1/2023