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Patriot paintings worth a thousand words

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the new paintings in the media center at Sandy Creek High will help readers find as many words to read as they could possibly handle. 

Advanced-level painting students in Stephanie Stein’s visual arts class collaborated on eight 24”x36” canvases to hang above the fiction sections (Mystery/Thriller, Adventure, Humor, Horror/Supernatural, Romance, Fantasy, Realism, Dystopian/SciFi) in the school media center. 

The students researched the genres and interviewed the media specialist to plan the project. They were tasked with finding imagery, words, quotes, and book titles to inspire the genre illustrations. They then created drawings that were transferred to the canvases using the overhead projector, and they worked in groups to paint them with acrylic paint.

“The project took approximately eight weeks to complete, and the results are amazing,” said Stein. “The students learned a lot about working together and collaborating on artwork that isn't necessarily their own style. They also learned how to take on a commissioned-based assignment and execute the project for a deadline, and this is something I hope they can take with them and apply to real-world situations one day.”