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PTC Elementary enrichment classes engineer circuits

Peachtree City Elementary kids are truly resourceful. Students in Brandi Thornton's enrichment classes explored circuits, insulators, and conductors using fruit.

The students tested using a variety of conductors (fruit, cups of water, Playdough, and wires) to investigate how circuits work. Using Scratch programs and Makey Makey kits, the students were able to construct electric pianos, and the 5th grade class also applied their knowledge to build circuits to play video games.

“The students thoroughly enjoyed building the circuits,” said Thornton. “Their happiest discovery was finding out that they could hold their neighbor’s hand and extend the path along which the energy would flow. They excitedly added another and another person to their circuit and would squeal with delight when the person at the end of the chain of people touched the fruit and the piano keys would still play.”