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Bushmire picked for youth voting panel

Rebekah Bushmire will be among a select few young Americans of all backgrounds, communities, and worldviews traveling to Washington DC to discuss the youth vote.

Bushmire, newly graduated from McIntosh High, is one of only 500 students from around the nation chosen to participate in “America in One Room: The Youth Vote” through Close Up.

In January of this year, Bushmire went to Washington DC with 28 other students on a week-long Close Up experience. She was enthralled and captivated by the spirit of DC and was inspired by witnessing the democratic process in person. She became so invested in civil engagement that she decided to apply for another experience with the Close Up program.

“America in One Room: The Youth Vote” is specifically designed for participants that will be first-time-voters in the upcoming November Presidential Election. The all-expenses-paid trip will bring Bushmire back to DC for a week to engage in discussions of pressing issues facing the country.


Posted 5/30/2024