Final Exam Schedule

Final Exam Schedule - Click here for exam bell schedule

  • Dec 17 - 1st and 2nd Period Exams (3rd and 4th period study sessions 1:45-3:45pm)
  • Dec 18 - 3rd and 4th Period Exams (5th and 6th period study sessions 1:45-3:45pm)
  • Dec 19 - 5th and 6th Period Exams (7th period study session 1:45-3:45pm)
  • Dec 20 - 7th Period Exam (8:35-10:45), High School buses will run at 12:45pm

Please remember that there will be no check-outs during the exam periods 8:35-10:45 and 10:55-1:05. Any student taking an exam or exempting an exam will have to wait until 10:45am or 1:05pm to check-out.