The Community for Creativity

  • School Reimagined

    We're changing the way students engage in the classroom. Whether it’s making a prototype of a new invention, developing innovative ideas to reduce waste in the cafeteria, or launching a recording label featuring age-appropriate music for tweens, our students transfer classroom learning to solve problems and fulfill needs in their community.

    Creativity is, at its heart, the process of making new and original ideas that have value.

  • About the Community for Creativity

    The Community for Creativity initiative highlights the vision of Fayette County Public Schools to create a learning environment "where excellence and creativity merge." Rising Starr Middle School piloted the first school-wide model in 2018 with the second and third locations opening at Flat Rock Middle School in the fall of 2019 and Peeples Elementary School in the fall of 2020. All three communities focus on creative problem-solving and the creation of new and original ideas and content, with the instructional approach varying by location along with program offerings that are unique to that campus.

    Fayette County Public Schools formed the Community for Creativity to prepare students to become leaders in our world-class economy. Students leverage their creativity as a key asset in all subjects, exploring where academics, the arts, technology, and business intersect.

    A primary focus of the initiative is to develop and support a student’s ability to create original ideas, concepts, and content. Classroom conversations change from “What are we learning about?” to “What are we creating today?

Program Mindset

  • The Community for Creativity prioritizes creative thinking and knowledge transfer using four key tenets:

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