Birthday Celebrations at School

  • School Nutrition does a monthly celebration with a birthday treat on the menu! We want to accommodate our working parents who are unable to make it to school for a birthday celebration.

    Birthdays are a special day and an important time to celebrate with classmates! However, we are experiencing a high number of students with severe allergies. The School Nutrition Program has a birthday celebration monthly at the end of the month to celebrate birthdays, however we know class parties are a love for the students. If you would like an alternative for your student's birthday celebration, below are some suggestions. As always, please check with your student's teacher first to make sure the birthday fits into the class schedule


    • School Ice Cream Pass 
    • Send in a t-shirt, stuffed animal, pillow case 
    • Read a book to the class 
    • Party favors
    • Send in an autograph book for each classmate to write a special birthday message to your student
    • Extra outside time
    • Donate a board game, puzzle, jump rope, ball in honor of the birthday 
    • Community service project together in honor of student's birthday 
    • Show and tell time
    • Do a craft project 
    • Donate a plant 
    • Create a choreographed dance