Elizabeth Redwine Ramsey Media Center

  • Welcome to the Elizabeth Redwine Ramsey Media Center!

    The media center here at Cleveland is open throughout the school day and operates on a flexible, open schedule, which means throughout the school day students can check out books on an as-needed basis. Teachers can schedule their students for library skill instruction, research and book checkout. We want our media center instruction to connect to classroom activities and be an extension of the classroom. Our library is also known as Curiosity Corner with a mission to develop students curiosity and a love of reading as well as creating lifelong learners.

    • Our hours for students are 8:30am to 2:00pm.
    • Library cards are issued to each student. Books may be checked out for one week.
    • Kindergartners are allowed to check out one book at a time and all other grades may check out two books per week.
    • Overdue notices are sent home every two weeks. We do not have fines but lost or damaged books must be paid for.


    Media Center Resources


    Destiny, our online catalog, can now be accessed from home. This will allow you to see what books we have available in our library at Cleveland Elementary. You can also see whether a book is Lexiled or has a Reading Counts quiz. Please refer to the link in the Reading Counts section of this media center web page if you want to check the Reading Counts status or Lexile level of a book not in Destiny.

    Reading Counts

    Scholastic Reading Counts (RC) a reading program that has replaced Accelerated Reader (AR). Scholastic Reading Counts is a Lexile-based independent reading program that tracks student's success on the books they read. This technology-based program creates a personalized and engaging learning environment that ensures independent reading accountability. Students will read a wide variety of books independently or as a part of a group. After reading, students will take a computerized quiz that will assess whether they understood the book. This new system will track student's progress. The purpose of the Reading Counts Program is to encourage children to practice reading. As with any activity, practice is needed for improvement. The program is to be used as a supplement to the teacher's classroom reading program. There are three basic steps the child needs to do for successful participation in the Reading Counts program:

    1. The child chooses a book to read that is part of the Reading Counts program and is in the child's independent reading level.
    2. The child reads the book for comprehension (understanding of the story). It is recommended for lower reading level books that the child independently reads the story at least two times prior to taking a quiz. To aid in comprehension, the child needs to discuss the story either mentally or verbally. Knowing the name of the author is also important.
    3. The child takes a computerized quiz of 10 comprehension questions, hoping to score a minimum of 7 out of 10 questions answered correctly.


    • Each Reading Counts quiz will ask 10 questions randomly chosen from a pool of 30 questions. Two students sitting side by side taking a quiz on the very same book would take completely different quizzes. Students are told at the end of the quiz whether they passed the quiz or not.
    • If a child gets less than 7 correct, they may retake the quiz up to two more times. The child is required to wait 24 hours before the quiz can be retaken.

Media Center Staff

  • Kari Lee
    Media Specialist

    Suzanne Ogle
    Media Paraprofessional