Attendance and Transportation Information

  • Attendance

     School Hours: 7:40 AM - 2:25 PM

     Students should be in the classroom by 7:40 AM.


     If your student is absent:

    •  Email your child’s teacher and INCLUDE the front office at so his/her attendance can be updated appropriately. Please include your student’s name and reason for absence in the email.
    •  To request make-up work, contact your student’s teacher via email or Schoology. Teachers are instructed throughout the day and may not have an opportunity to respond until after school hours. 

     Morning Arrival

     7:15 AM Student Arrival Begins

     7:15-7:30 Driving from Parkway, please drop off in the front. Bus loop for buses only until 7:30 AM. 

     7:30-7:40 Driving from the Parkway drop-off on the bus loop

     7:30-7:40 Driving from Hwy 74/Hip Pocket drop-off in the front loop

     7:40 All students should be in the classroom. If your student arrives at or after 7:40 you need to park, buzz into the front office, and check them in. Staff are not on duty to supervise students at the drop-off areas after 7:40.

     *Parents and guests park in the front lot. Please ring the bell at the front door to enter. All visitors are required to check in at the front office. 

    Afternoon Dismissal

     2:20 ASP, Walkers, Bike Riders

     2:22 Car Dismissal Begins (Front Loop, must have Student Card)

     2:30 Buses Depart

     2:35 Golf Cart Dismissal Begins (Bus Loop, must have Student Card)