Mission and Vision

  • Our Vision:Our Huddleston students will be capable of living and working effectively, responsibly and productively in a global environment. 

    Our Mission:

        Our mission is to forge and equip a community of learners who confidently face challenges, embrace opportunities, and positively impact our world.

    Our Beliefs:

    • Thinking critically and creatively, with real world application of student learning, is the chief priority of the school.
    • Building healthy relationships is the foundation for sustaining a community of lifelong learners.
    • Valuing and involving our parents and community members is vital to the success of our students.
    • Continually examining the rigor, relevance, and effectiveness of teaching and learning practices is the responsibility of all stakeholders.
    • Demonstrating and communicating our learning through the use of technology is essential in empowering students to be life long participants in our globally networked society.