Parking Permits

  • Requirements:

    1. Valid Drivers License.
    2. Proof of Insurance for the vehicle you will be driving to school.
    3. State of Georgia Motor Vehicle Registration for the vehicle you will be registering.
    4. Completed Whitewater High School Parking Permit Application. The permit application requires the signatures of the student and parent.

    The charge for a parking permit is $60.00. You may pay with cash, money order or check. If it is necessary to register a second vehicle there is an additional charge of $10.00 and all the same paperwork as listed above must be presented. Parking permit fees are prorated for second semester and the cost is $30.00.  Lost/Misplaced permits will be replaced for $60.

    Siblings must purchase their own parking permit unless they share a car.  For permits with multiple siblings, drivers licenses must be provided for all drivers.


    1st: Violation is a Warning Decal
    2nd: Violation is a Warning Decal and referral to an administrator (parent notified)
    3rd: Violation results in the vehicle being immobilized/towed ($60 fee to remove boot)

    $5 to replace permit that was pulled for discipline (New Decal #)


    - Any student who leaves campus without the school’s permission will forfeit their parking permit for 15 school days. A second offense will result in loss of permit for 30 school days.  A third offense will result in a loss of permit for the remainder of the school year.

    - All permits will be displayed on the lower left side of the BACK WINDOW (driver’s side). The permit must be attached in the proper location with the adhesive on the permit. No Tape Or Cellophane may be used. Any permit that is taped or has cellophane may be revoked.

    - PERMITS ARE NON-TRANSFERABLE. Violation of this regulation will result in loss of permit for the year.

    - For the safety of all students, a 10 M.P.H. speed limit will be enforced on the Whitewater High School campus.

    - Reckless driving may result in a loss of parking permits.

    - No student will park in a FACULTY or VISITOR space. Violation of this will result in the loss of a permit for 15 school days.

    - Parking regulations are in effect twenty-four (24) hours a day. Parking permits are required during school hours.

    - Students should lock their vehicles and enter school promptly after parking.

    - Students are not allowed to go to their vehicles during school hours without permission from a school administrator.

    - All vehicles may be searched if, in the opinion of the administration, reasonable causes exist.

    - No person has the right to block another person’s vehicle.

    - If a student is issued a permit and withdraws or is expelled the permit will be revoked.

    - All expired permits must be removed from your vehicle.