About Us

  • Whitewater High School is the newest of five high schools in the Fayette County School System. Located in Fayetteville, Georgia, WHS officially opened in the fall of 2003. For the 2023-2024 school year we have a projected enrollment of 1280 in grades 9-12. 

    Mission Statement

    The Whitewater High School community exists to provide meaningful and unique opportunities that reflect the needs of our diverse students to develop as compassionate, productive and pro-active adults.  Students will acquire the critical thinking skills needed to make informed decisions and look beyond the surface in order to seek underlying meanings.  When our students walk across the stage, they will receive not only a diploma, but will also possess the passion to serve and contribute to the world in their own individual way.

    Vision Statement

    Model School

    As a nationally recognized school of superior performance and standards in curriculum, technology, model school concept, and extracurricular activities, Whitewater High School will integrate the following:

    • Cross-curricular collaboration
    • Academics that are creative and challenging, but meaningful and relevant to each student’s interests while enhancing and complementing their learning styles
    • Technology which continually sets the pace
    • Recognition for our vision that encourages: desire to learn, enlightenment, diversity, pride in community, continual progress in all areas, trend setting academics and extracurricular activities
    • Exemplary reputation in all aspects of academics and extra-curricular activities
    • Athletes with creative minds
    • Extracurricular opportunities for all students to compete and excel.


    Whitewater High School will be a place where:

    • Stakeholders (faculty, parents, bus drivers, custodians, administration, staff, students, community, and anyone who holds an interest in the education of its students) feel welcome, safe, a sense of belonging, and like an important and influential part of things
    • Clean, warm and inviting facilities show school spirit and pride
    • Facilities and environments maximize learning
    • The faculty and staff act as a family where differences are respected, but members share common goals
    • Social boundaries are broken down among students, faculty and staff
    • Each stakeholder strives toward non-complacency
    • The whole student is taught with compassion and humor
    • Everyone treats others with love, respect and fairness.


    As we prepare our students to be the complete adult, parent, neighbor, role model and citizen in general, Whitewater High School will be a place where:

    • Upperclassmen will mentor and model for underclassmen
    • Our strong positive character will inspire our community to enhance it’s own social skills
    • Compassion and striving for excellence will be the standard for the whole WHS community
    • We serve as a cornerstone of support for the surrounding community.