• The Mission of North Fayette Elementary is to equip diverse learners with the mindset and skills to succeed in a global community.


  • We believe our mission will be realized if... 

    We are...

    -A place where parents and teachers collaborate and communicate so that all children receive an appropriate education.

    -A place where all children are accepted for their individual gifts and abilities, and educated according to their needs.

    -A place where new ideas are met with enthusiasm, where thinking “outside the box” is encouraged, where innovative concepts are embraced.

    -A safe haven in which everyone grows, where children and adults are not afraid to make mistakes or take risks, and every experience  is a learning experience.

    -A place where faculty, students, administration, parents, staff, and community members hold hands and set out on the journey together.

    -A place where children are respected and their teachers realize that each child is a precious individual and a priceless gift to the world.

    -A place where children are exposed to limitless opportunities for character growth and development, and they are led and encouraged to treat all people with understanding, honesty, and respect.




  • “All students will be empowered to think critically and creatively and communicate effectively to become informed, productive, lifelong learners.”


Kid-Friendly Vision

  • "Empowering learners to strive and thrive."


  • North Fayette Elementary is dedicated to providing a quality, life-impacting education for young children in an atmosphere of mutual respect and caring. It is our mission to create an environment in which children are encouraged to develop positive feelings about themselves and others, and to approach learning in a creative way. We are guided by these operating principles:

    - Maintain a safe, carefully planned physical environment that is pleasant and child-centered.
    - Recognize the unique learning styles of each child and choose instructional approaches compatible with individual needs.
    - Foster independence, creativity, self-discipline, and self-direction.
    - Select faculty and staff not only for their educational background, but also for their ability to go beyond what is normally expected in the school.
    - Recruit and retain teachers who are creative, enthusiastic, and committed to educating our students in a caring environment.
    - Offer a challenging academic program to our diverse student body.
    - Cultivate in our students accountability in their actions and acceptance of consequences.
    - To continually pursue and nurture excellence in the academic, artistic, physical, and social growth of our students.