Clubs & Organizations

  • Students have the opportunity to join many clubs and organizations at Peeples Elementary School. Specific club offerings are based on the number of interested students and the availability of staff advisors.


    Broadcast is open to all 5th graders and helps them develop public speaking, communication, and technology skills. Students create a daily, live broadcast for the staff and students. This group is sponsored by Laura Tant, Media Specialist, and Angie Foerster, Technology Specialist. Students complete an application during the end of the 4th Grade year and approved applicants receive position notifications during the first week of the 5th Grade year.


    The School Store provides school supplies at a reasonable cost to students. The store is run by 5th grade students who are supervised by Lisa Grafmiller, Media Center Paraprofessional.


    Rockets and Starrs Mentoring is a program that provides a mentoring relationship between high school students and elementary students. Students participate in the program through a referral process and meet with high school mentors to develop positive self-esteem and social skills. This program is sponsored by the Monique Collins, School Guidance Counselor.


    Flag Patrol is made up of 5th graders. The students raise and lower the flags daily. The sponsor of this club is Lisa Grafmiller, Media Center Paraprofessional.


    Science Olympiad is a program that develops a passion and understanding of various science concepts and skills. Students develop science knowledge and skills through a variety of competitive science-related events. The Science Olympiad Coach is Kathy Haight, 5th Grade Teacher.


    Little Dribblers is open to all 2nd grade students. The focus of the club is to develop eye hand coordination, patterning skills, and cooperation. Students learn dribbling skills and perform for a variety of audiences. The club is sponsored by Deborah Friday, PE Coach.


    Juggling Team is open to all students who master the skills required for participation. Juggling Team members develop eye hand coordination, patterning skills, and cooperation. Students learn juggling routines and perform for a variety of audiences. The team is coached by Deborah Friday, PE Coach.


    Running Club is available to students to enhance fitness through running. Students run or walk around the track and earn certificates for accumulating laps. Running Club is sponsored by Michelle Binkley, PE Coach.


    Chorus is open to all 4th and 5th graders who are selected by an audition process. Students attend weekly practices and develop skills in the area of performing arts. The chorus performs at least two times during the school year. Chorus is sponsored by Jennifer Stadelmeyer, Music Teacher.


    K-Kids Club is open to all 4th – 5th graders. Students participate in community projects to develop leadership skills and promote community awareness. K-Kids is sponsored by Jayn Collins and Leigh Anne Borders, Teachers.


    Good News Club is an after-school club that is open to all 1st - 5th graders regardless of religious background. Students learn respect for authority, character qualities, and moral values. The club is sponsored by Sonya Farr.


    Other clubs that may be offered if there is an interest include Journalism Club, Cup Stacking Team, Inquisitive Investigators Club, Reading Club, History Club, Math Club, Chess Club, Spanish Club, Magazine/Newspaper Club and Art Club, Science Club.