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McIntosh mentor program builds community

A mentoring program is building bonds between McIntosh High and local elementary students.

Spearheaded by McIntosh counselor TaMesha Hickey, the Hi-Teen Mentors program sees high school students meet weekly one-on-one with their elementary school mentees. They read to their buddy, assist them with homework, or just help them with social skills and problems they might have. 

“My primary aim is to cultivate a strong sense of community and generativity among our students. I aspire to instill in teenagers the value of consistently giving back through acts of service and kindness,” said Hickey. “Additionally, I seek to provide elementary school children with the essential support and encouragement required for their growth into productive young individuals who will, in turn, contribute positively to their community and beyond.”

The program is open to all MHS students, but they have to apply and receive positive recommendations from teachers. Hi-Teen Mentors are encouraged to dedicate at least an hour of their time to their mentees each week. Most devote more time by volunteering twice a week.

This year, the program has expanded to include a group of 13 McIntosh student-athletes who work with Peachtree City Elementary kids every Thursday morning.

McIntosh teacher Allen Beall has enjoyed seeing the students learn how fulfilling service to others is, and for some, how healing it can be for both the mentor and mentee. 

“It has been so heartwarming to see my students come to school beaming with joy after meeting with their mentee at the elementary school,” said Beall. “Our students are getting as much, if not more, from meeting with their mentees.”


Posted 3/20/2024